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Hi, I'm a Product Designer

My name is Oore & I have been designing since 2018.  I've worked in multiple industries including e-commerce, data, health, finance, logistics, social, and even web3.

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Let's go through some of my projects

Social entertainment app focused on content curation


In this project, I worked with a client to redesign an existing app and created a new interface that was aesthetically pleasing, accessible and functional. I also built a design system to ensure design consistency in future iterations. I collaborated with a project manager and the developers to execute this design successfully

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Squadcash Portfolio Image.png


Digitization of a rotating savings and credit association

In this project, I zeroed in on some of the hurdles that prevent youths from reaching their saving goals. Through meticulous research and in-depth problem-solving techniques, I design a financial application that lets users save individually or in groups and make payments for services seamlessly.


UI Design of an e-commerce administrative dashboard

Here, I designed the user interface of the managerial end of an administrative dashboard. On this end of the platform, managers are able to view orders, analyze business revenue, inventory, and deliveries

Jewellry Store Portfolio Image.png
Neighborrow Portfolio Image.png


Digitization of the lending process within neighbourhoods

When you're new in a neighbourhood, meeting new people can be daunting. Sometimes, you need to use something immediately, but you find out your old one is ruined. Before you buy, how do you borrow from your neighbours without having all the awkwardness? Use neighborrow

Ambidextrous Mouse

Physical Product Research

With more and more roles requiring a computer to work effectively, many people are turning to external computer mice and some people choose ergonomic mice for their many benefits. However, most ergonomic mice are suited to one hand only. As opposed to a regular mouse that works both ways, I tried to study the various scenarios where an ambidextrous mice would be helpful and the possibility of creating an affordable one

Image by Bruno Yamazaky
Zest Portfolio Image.png

Zest Activity Tracker

Feature Integration for product expansion

After over a year, of catering to people living with diabetes, Platos Health considers diversifying and catering to people living with hypertension. Either as comorbidity or standalone condition. Learn how I spearheaded the research and design of this product expansion process

Crystal Hospital

Digitization of a Hospital's Patient Intake Process

In this project, I conducted user research and constructed the information architecture for a digital version of the existing patient intake process at a hospital.  I led research efforts and made preliminary designs to communicate research-backed solutions to designers

Crystal Hospital Portfolio Image.png

Here's what colleagues have to say about me

I like this [design] a lot. amazing work! I really like it. You are awesome to work with

Natasha Guretysky


Oore brought a fresh and unique perspective to our team that was very much needed, combining creativity, design, and thoughtful analysis. She took a deep dive into many of the processes that we’ve already had in place and presented their shortcomings and opportunities to improve them, all on her own accord. I was quite impressed by her clear communication, attention to detail, and the timeliness and quality of her work

Gabrielle Daum


 I know we didn’t spend a lot of time together but you’re dedicated and open to corrections and I’m sure if you keep learning and doing your best. You’ll be an amazing designer

Ekatarina Milkinska

Platos Health

Oore, your work looks amazing ! It's clear that you care about your work and take time to do it correctly. I especially liked that you always clarify design preferences with clients, before creating anything, and I'm excited to see what you do next.

Samuel Momodu

WAVE Technologies

I can confidently say that Oore is one of the hardest working, most dependable, and most impressive colleagues I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She has a natural aptitude in design and showed time and again on multiple different projects her ability to think creatively while also accepting team feedback to produce the best possible final product. Oore is well versed in modern design trends and successful tactics adopted by leaders in the industry.

Greg Opendek


Oore is proactive and a strong communicator. She is skilled at each stage of p rojects, from scoping and creating vision, through to execution.

I have enjoyed working with Oore

Jack Aaron

Studio JK

Interesting Articles I have Written

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